A glance at some of my most favorite and inspiring projects I've handled recently.

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Peer-to-Peer Mobile Betting Platform

It's not just about the bet but also about the community of friendship being created with like-minded individuals on the platform.

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Classic Mobile Music Player ApplicationClassic Mobile Music Player Application

The SILOPOD music app brings back the nostalgic feelings you get with 90s era of tech gadgets. The app is meant to be simple and easy to use by anyone.

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Sampay exhibit 1

Cashless Mobile Payment App with modern Twists

Sampay was conceived at the height of the devastating state of the Nigerian economy which required innovative minds to proffer solutions to help the masses.

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API Manager

Invoice Manager plugin app to bridge businesses with governments

This app will allow businesses sync their invoices and transactions with the government in order to make their tax process as easy as possible.

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Estate Security and Communications Management Application

The concept of Trupass is to allow Nigerian estate residents have a sense of unity and security via a system specifically tailored to their needs.

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