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My prowess as a product designer and a front-end developer is due to my proficiency in a number of very important tools and tech service which I’ve used for a long period of time to enhance my capabilities in order to breath life into mere ideas and enhancing existing products and making them more lovable by the target users. Below are my secret tools and technologies, learning resources, and my certifications all of which continues to shape my knowledge in the industry.

Design/development tools

I have a strong proficiency in these technologies and I’ve used them to create several real-world products and concept applications for both clients and businesses alike. They are my instant go-to every single time.

Figma Logo

Figma - UI/UX Design

Figma is getting a big momentum nowadays as different companies now require their designers use the system basically due to its powerful collaboration capability

Adobe XD logo

Adobe XD - UI/UX Design

The Adobe XD is a great tool for product designers and its highly intuitive. It's extremely simple user interface makes designing easy and funky and most of all, it's 100% free.

VS Code

VS Code - Web Development

One of the best IDE for web development. The rich software can be used to write any type of programming language ranging from Python, Java, to scripting languages like JavaScript, PhP, and so much more.

photoshop PNG64

Photoshop - Still Designs

This is one of the oldest and most iconic photo manipulating tool out there. Ridden with innumerable features and it can be used for website design, UI/UX as well as other elements needed in your designs.


Draw.IO - Sketches and Illustration

As a User Experience designer, you need to be able to create sketches, illustrations and sitemaps of your the product you're making and that's why you need the intuitive free tool called Draw.IO. It's entirely free and allow you export your output in different formats which can be easily shared

Sketch logo

Sketch - Digital design tool

Sketch is more like the aforementioned tools such as Adobe XD and Figma. It's a great tool and it doesn't matter your level of expertise in the field because it's intuitive and interesting.



Webflow is here to stay and its a powerful no-code CMS that can be tailored into anything literally. The service is getting a lot of eyeballs and I was never disappointed when I gave it a try.

Canva logo

Canva - Drag & Drop Design

To quickly create still designs with little effort, you can count on Canva to get this done for you. The ultra simple layout makes it easy for complete noobs to use without having to read hundreds of manuals just to design a small element.


I use these channels to learn new skills and upgrade my existing knowledge of product design/web development entirely.

udemy logo

Udemy - Learn and scale

Udemy is a place to increase your product design knowledge in order to get better in the field. Though you have to pay, its worth its value because you're being taught by experts.


Cousera - Learn and scale

Just like Udemy, Cousera is also an e-learning platform where you acquire newer skills or update your existing knowledge in the industry. Their courses are taught by real experts who also offer one-on-one mentoring with certifications.

PS logo F 04

Plurasight - Learn and Scale

Plurasight is filled with innumerable courses on product design and its even scaled down to the point where you can learn about how to use each product tool to max out your output.

smashing magazine

Smashing Magazine - Design trends

As an expert product designer or web developer, there is the need to stay updated with the latest trends in the industry which is why you need to always read the Smashing Magazine blog once in a week at least. They post amazing content everyday.

creative bloq logo vector

Creative Bloq - Design News and Trends

Just like the Smashing Magazine, CreativeBloq is the other amazing place online where you can catch all the latest trends in the world of design - from news to guides and materials to help you get started or scale your career to the next level.

webdesigndepot logo

WebDesigner Depot

This is another great resource for aspiring Web designers or Web developers who want to learn the modern design trends to enhance their works. They have really brilliant authors and experts constantly posting how-to guides, news and interesting tips to enhance your career.

css tricks logo

CSS Tricks - Design beautiful websites

This is an awesome website where you learn the design strategies to crate really awesome webpages using the cascading style sheet tor CSS.

Codepen logo

Codepen - Get better coding

Get better at your coding capabilities with the most updated tutorials and how-to guides from experts on the regular by visiting Codepen.

Tuts logo

Evanto Tuts+ - Everything web dev

Owned by the popular Envato, Tuts+ is the right place to get educated about everything advanced technology. Here, they have different courses on several development languages and scripting languages.


Codepen - Improve your coding skills

If you're about to take your coding skills to the next level then Freecodecamp might just be the best place to head to get started or improve on your existing knowledge thanks to their advanced tutors and authors.


BUMPOST.COM - News and Reviews publishes amazing tech tips every day and the latest news in the tech industry. They focus on topics such as 5G, Mobile tech, Tech culture, Sci-tech and how-to guide, reviews and good gadget deals.


It’s not just about your knowledge and skills but also the gadgets you’re using because the right tool will help you deliver on time and help enhance your productivity exponentially.

BlitzWolf® BW-GC1 deal

BlitzWolf® BW-GC1 Gaming chair

This is an advanced gaming chair that makes your job very easy. Sitting is easy and comfortable and it's adjustable to any dimension.
GET BlitzWolf® BW-GC1

Xiaomi Mijia Lite Desk Lamp deal

Xiaomi Mijia Lite Desk Lamp

Working at night or in a darkened environment, this can be a lifesaver as it allows you to work without depending on your monitor's screen light.

Best backpacks 2021

Best Backpacks 2021

Backpacks are good for hauling your gadgets around from one place to the other and to do that, you need a reliable backpack that is strong and spacious enough to be used in moving all your gadgets at once either to office or traveling.


Best Keyboard 2021

To code efficiently, you definitely need good and functional keyboards and that is what I've been able to compile on this list of the best keyboards in 2021.

BlitzWolf BW GH1

BlitzWolf Gaming Headphones

These are some of the best yet affordable gaming headphones on the market from BlitzWolf offering you the advanced features such as noise isolation, high fidelity audio output as well as microphones which can be detached. Being a designer/developer, its important to use the best headphone to enhance your focus.

Galaxy Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Every designer needs a tablet with which they can make presentations, design or even develop web pages on the go with ease and that is where the Galaxy Tablets comes in. They offer incredible power and efficiency in every sense.

Xiaomi Curved LED Monitor

Xiaomi Curved LED Monitor

Great monitor with powerful capabilities are essential and that is why you need this incredible monitor to get through with your daily task in high resolution at high refresh rates.


There is no better way to become better than learning from the best in the industry. Below are some of my go-to and reputbale individuals in the industry.

EDX logo

edX - Free Online Certificate Courses

edX is an American massive open online course provider created by Harvard and MIT. It hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, including some courses at no charge.


AJ&Smart - Design studio

This is a product design and innovation studio based in Berlin, Germany! They work with some of the biggest companies in the world to help them build better products faster. It's their goal to give as much value as possible via their social media platforms such as their Youtube channel where they consstantly upload new videos every week about product design, ux design, design sprints and a whole lot more! For regular design content, design learning please subscribe now! .
Visit AJ&Smart on YouTube

Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wróblewski - Design Lead @Google

Luke is currently a Product Director at Google. Earlier he was the CEO and Co-founder of Polar (acquired by Google in 2014) and the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Bagcheck (acquired by Twitter in 2011). Prior to founding start-ups, Luke was an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at Benchmark Capital, the Chief Design Architect (VP) at Yahoo!, Lead User Interface Designer at eBay, and a Senior Interface Designer at NCSA: the birthplace of the first popular graphical Web browser, NCSA Mosaic. In short, Luke Wroblewski is a big deal in the product design industry with so many achievements under his sleeves.
Visit Luke's website

Farai Madzima

Farai Madzima - UX Lead @ Shopify

Farai Madzima is a Zimbabwean UX designer, manager, conference organiser, and speaker living in Canada. He's also the product design lead at the social e-commerce platform Shopify with so many great accolades to his name.
Visit Farai's Website

Arda Aksoy

Arda Aksoy - Top designer @ Turkey

Arda is a digital product designer who helps businesses connect with their customers through user-centric design. He provides strategy-led, user-focused, innovative and cross-platform solutions to digital products. Since 2014, Arda has worked as a freelance consultant and has been fortunate enough to work with local or global startups and corporations from multiple industries and markets.
View Arda's Resume


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