Here is what makes an eye-catchy About Me page

The importance of an about me page is even more as it gives your brand a face and a person that is relatable

As an entrepreneur, there is the need to give your business a face and that face could be you which is important as the face is the human that customers can relate to as well as know in order to further get closer with whatever product or service that you render and that is why you need an About me page.

The importance of an About me page is to also amass trust within the community of audience you’re trying to build. Your audience wants to know who you are, what your challenges are and how those have changed your life in the process.

Because people always seek those they can relate to, it is a good idea to be as relatable as possible in which your users/customers can know that you’re the right person who can solve their problem since you both have similar challenges at some point in your life.

If for example, you are trying to build a business that help people with Tourette syndrome lead a much more productive life despite their challenges, being relatable can also help you reach more audience since the best person who knows what tourette syndrome feels like is someone with the disease.

So in this short post, I’m going to be making some relevant points about what you need to know about creating an attention catching “About me” page so without any further ado, this is it.

The Introductory part

The first part of any about me page on your website should be an introduction about yourself. Which should include who you are and why anyone should follow your guides or use your service.

clear picture with a smile on your face is very important as this gives a face to your business as mentioned above. You don’t necessarily have to create an entire Instagram gallery of when you were at Bali last December or what you ate last night.

For a business about me page, you need to make things formal but not too formal especially if you’re the single face of the business. You want to ensure that your face is inviting and that signals positive vibes to your potential customers and audiences.

Now about the introductory part, you should tell us the following:

  1. Who you are
  2. what you do
  3. You challenges (which is what is relatable about you)
  4. How you overcame the challenges (and how they too can)

With all that in place, you’re certainly going to captivate the attentions of your potential customers or audiences which can ultimately lead to business union between you both whereby your audience pa for your service while you offer them nothing but absolute values.

Share your story

Don’t mind bragging a little bit here but ensure to tell your stories. People want to know what your challenges are. For example, if you had tourette syndrome, how you were able to cope with your 9 to 5 job or how you were able to find love despite the big challenges.

Also your story has to be interesting and encouraging in order to influence your users at all.

How you are able to come up with a formidable solution to your problems and how well the solution was able to resolve your challenges and how well this can be with those that try it is one of the important things to ensure you include in your bio.

Mission statement

Why should anyone consider switching over to using your service and what will be their gain if they ever made the switch over. Say you own a blog, you might want to explain in details what they would gain for reading your blog and how your blog ha the best content on how people with those challenges in this case tourette syndrome overcome their challenges and lead a much productive life despite their health challenges.

Another thing you want to include in your mission statement is how soon people can achieve those goals with the help of your service. That should be your ultimate goal in this scenario which is basically helping people and providing them values.

What will people gain from you

While this is similar to your mission statement, the essence of this is to showcase what those who use your service will gain and then you can show a highlgih of those who have used the service in the past and how well their lives had turned out to be.

The essence of this is to ensure that other people are encouraged because naturally, we humans are social animals and we tend to use services that we’ve seen others using which is why they say word of mouth is the best mode of marketing.

If you have a section where you can quote those who have used the service and what it felt like to them, this can encourage others to switch over to your side and try your own service out as well.

A call to action

The reason for a call to action at the bottom of your about me page is to allow your potential user who might have been convinced while going through the page to switch over to your service to simply click through for an offer or to drop off their email address.

But this page should be able to convince people enough to do something hence the name “call to action” whereby you convince them to do something such as even making a purchase of a product that you sell.

The conclusion is that this is also an important integral part of any business to grow online as nobody like a ghost town controlled by some headless zombie.

This new approach can help increase your business reach as well as sales alot as well as your SEO performances on Google and other search engine and social media sites.


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