Facebook marketing best approach in 2020 for small business owners

With more than 2 billion users, it requires a well structured planning and approach to stand out on Facebook
Facebook Marketing

I’ve mentioned in my previous post here that Facebook is one of the great sources of traffic for new businesses in 2020 and the fact that billions of users are on the platform makes it easy for you to easily target those you want and then market your goods and services to them just like that.

The only problem here is the fact that there are enormous marketers on Facebook as well majority of which suck in the art which had led to the platform being ridden with spam and fake stories prompting the company to face numerous scrutiny from the US congress but that’s the political side of it.

The reason I’m trying to pinpoint this is to let you know how valuable it is to stand out but for your business to even gain any traction and trustworthiness, you need to understand the Facebook marketing rules which will help you maximize your potentials on the platform.

You might be convinced that with 2 billion monthly users on such a platform, shouldn’t it be far easy to just rake in some good number of people and convert them into paying customers, well that’s not how it works because if it does, then companies such as Microsoft, Coca Cola and so forth won’t be spending billions on ads just to make awareness about their products and services, after all, there is hardly any human who doesn’t know those products you’ll ask.

You should be proactive in community discussions:

This is a must for every business that wants to target Facebook as one of its sources of traffic to pull in big numbers from the platform. One stereotype of an average Facebook user is the fact that they’re always seeking more and if you look at the way the social network website is designed, it’s meant to provide more.

Your job is to have an impact and to add value to community discussions. That is why it’s going to be a great idea to first ensure your website is well fine-tuned with a lot of content that can be marketed.

You shouldn’t be the backseater but the fore-front runner who is always moving the discussion forward. Meanwhile, ensure you use good marketing skills to gain attention to yourself and let yourself be referred to as the authority in the field.

Understand your niche and target them well

If you’re a female make-up artist, you don’t want to go to places where men are having discussions about programming because no one will actually care about whatever it is you’ve got to say.

So in a good manner, know your audience and target them using Facebook tools among which would be the Facebook ads manager.

s a business, you also want to ensure the location is well suited because if your business operates physically, it will be a bad idea to be targeting someone in Estonia when your shop is in Jo’Burg, South Africa.

Build original content with high value

Another thing worth noting is the fact that you need to create contents that users can share with their friends hence helping your business to grow.

One way to give back to the community is by helping them through some difficult things such as short tutorials and product reviews etc. Take, for example, a makeup artist, you might decide to teach your fans about how to create a particular makeup by themselves or review a new makeup kit you just bought so that others that want the same can use your review to guide their purchase decisions.

It’s also very important to be consistent in your content creation which would be shared on Facebook as well as other social networking platforms. Make your content into formats such as graphics and videos for ease of sharing as well as to be able to reach far more audiences.

An attractive business page is important

If you go through every successful Facebook business, they have an amazing company page that is well thought out and includes everything that will make it seem like a human being is behind it.

Some Facebook pages are like a ghost town. No information, no page cover not even a logo no contact address, etc all of which are very relevant and those are what users crave.

Since your business needs a face, what you put out on Facebook is what people will reckon with and that will have a positive impact on your business overall.

Host giveaways periodically

Who doesn’t like giveaways? This is one way to keep users engaged by asking them to do something and then rewarding those that did it first. Hosting giveaways will bring more people and your generosity will eventually pay off.

One other important reason for hosting giveaways includes the fact that you can directly interact with your potential customers.

In this scenario, you can request email addresses, ask them to comment or follow your Facebook page or ask them to read your blog, etc. The sky is the limit about whatever challenge or task you’ll be requiring people to do before they win the gift and if anyone wins, it’ll be a good idea to hand over the gift to the winner.

Do Facebook Live often

This of course isn’t the first time I’ll write about hosting a Facebook Live. One important thing Facebook Live does to your business is that it helps you gather people around immediately for interaction which is very important for your business.

During a Facebook Live session, you can ask questions or have a particular topic of discussion with your audience to better get well with them. Another big advantage of Facebook Live is the fact that people engage more with it because they’ll be meeting with the representative of the business in this case…YOU! So do ensure that it’s worth the while.

Reach out

One aspect where people fail in their Facebook marketing is the fact that they don’t reach out or at least not well enough. The digital marketing sphere is a collaborative work that requires you to mingle with some people who are also in the industry for them to mingle back with you that’s just how it works.

Mingling in this case requires reaching out to them and asking them how you both can collaborate. A good example will be during a giveaway, you can mingle with a company to collaborate for this and that’s a win-win for both of your businesses.

With all these said, Facebook marketing for small businesses isn’t rocket science meanwhile it will take your time and you need a lot of effort for you to excel in this sphere which is why you need to be really dedicated to it.

One important thing you should also note firsthand is the fact that this doesn’t happen overnight and would require you to be consistent for a period of time whereby you can reach that height that you might have set for yourself.

Understanding Facebook marketing is really essential if you want to target the largest social network platform in the world and being able to gather your very own audience is also very essential as it goes a long way.


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