I’m not gonna bore you out with my UI/UX Journey and my daily experience in the tech industry but feel free to read my documented journals which might be of help to you we all strive to make the world a better place for us and the future generation.

Graphics guy

Not being mean to graphic designers out there but I honestly hate being called one or maybe there is a mismatch somewhere. But officially, I’m

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MakeWeBet is a cutting-edge peer-to-peer mobile betting platform that connects users for betting on various events, matches, and games. This platform eliminates the need for

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Silopod music player cover


As the sole designer behind the upcoming Silopod music player app, I am excited to introduce this innovative product that promises to revolutionize the music

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Trupass UI design


There weren’t too many nuances regarding the concept of Trupass as the app was quite straightforward. It’s built for estate residents to have quick access

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Actionbet Mobile app cover page


After working at Telvida (my first job) for about a year, in 2019, the company began investing heavily in sports betting which turned out to

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